maandag 9 januari 2012

I'm so happy

Yesterday I went to Vandenborre , I'm so thankful for sunday shopping . After doubting a lot to buy or not buy a new camera , I finally decided to buy a Nikon D3000. I'm so happy with it ! I didn't only bought a new camera but also the ' Tiany Kirilove' coat for only € 35 in sales. The BF also needed a new pants, so I went to Mr & Mrs Tweed and bought an amazing pants for him , look also at the amazing way the pack in there gifts ! I just love it ! Tomorrow I show you a outfitpost of my BF wearing the pants ! I also went yesterday to the family of the BF, so I could try my camera there. The little brother of my BF was my favorite model !

 The bag of Mr and Mrs Tweed:
The sister of my BF did my nail with so polish : 

Kisses Ellen

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    My Free Choice

  2. very nice ring:)

  3. hej there,
    you have a nice blog and I really like it!

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