zaterdag 22 oktober 2011


Sorry for not updating my blog. There are a lot of things changed in my life.
First of all : I have to do a internship for school, it's a internship of 700 hours. I know it's a lot but I have the most amazing colleagues.

Another thing that changed is that I'm now living togheter with my BF. He lives close to my internship so it was easier to live with him. And yes we have the most amazing times. I know now for sure that he is the man of my life. He is such a sweety.

And at last : I'm thinking about doing something different with my hair. I was looking on the internet and I saw the trend : Ombre hair. And I just love it. I'm going to call my hairdresser and I hope I have really soon my ombre hair. A picture of the color I want :

kisses Ellen

dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

Inspiration : Rebelattitude

I really love her style ! She uses a lot of colors and I love it. I wish it was still summer !


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