vrijdag 30 december 2011


Yesterday I went to Maastricht with my mom and my sister. It was a very rainy day and so I didn't had the oppurtunity to make some outfitposts. But I will show you my buys. I was very lucky because the sales already started at Maastricht. 

a present from my sister ( late x-mas gift ) : 

 two bra's: 
 new shoes from S.Oliver:

 a panty from S.Oliver:
2 shampoos for €5 :

kisses Ellen 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, love snowfairy!!!
    En die wella producten zijn super, gebruik momenteel ook de repair!!

  2. leuke aankopen en alvast een fijne jaarwisseling toegewenst!

    Travel in Style

  3. it has been so long since i have been to that city, maybe i should visit it again!


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