zaterdag 17 december 2011

My outfit: x-mas party

This evening I went to the x-mas party of Afrodite in the S.oliver store at Antwerp. The weather was very bad , snow and rain. But I had a great time with Cindy ( Glamourbbey).We received a goodie bag and in the goodie bag we found a  voucher of € 25. I bought a nice sweater ,  I show him later. Here are some pictures , and as soon the pictures are online I show you the rest.
my outfit:

 the voucher:

 a nice cupcake:
 my car with snow on it:

Kisses Ellen

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Die Cupcakes waren zalig! Behalve die met Lavender dan. Thanks voor de link! xx

  2. Lovely blog! Following now :)

    xoxo, H

  3. Je outfit was echt leuk :) en ook leuk je ontmoet te hebben :)


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