dinsdag 20 september 2011

Healthy food

Today I had 2 lessons at school and they were so boring , that I started to read Flair. And there I saw an amazing article called: Dinner for two. It is an article about food and they give always two options. One for the boy and one for the girl. There are 4 recipes : one with pasta, one about hamburgers, one about soup and one about salad. My favorite is the one about the burgers. This is the recipe:
For the boy( 556kcal):
Bake a burger in butter. Insert a slice of cheese on while the burger is still in the pan and let it gently  melt.
Cut a hamburger bun and put the sides in the pan and bake them crispy. Then decorate one hamburger side with some lettuce, the burger with cheese, slices tomato , ketchup and mustard.
And the burger is finished.
For the girl ( 440kcal):
Grill a piece of turkey breast and add some salt and pepper for the taste. Take 2 spoons of Greek yoghurt and 1 spoon of mustard, some finely sliced chives , onion and parsley. Take a piece of brown bread and put some spinach, the turkey and the dressing on it. The healthy version of the burger is ready.

So now when the BF wants to eat a burger , he can make his one and you can make your healthy burger.

(Source: flair)


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